Hr policy and vision RH

Our CÉMOI group human ressources policy is base on 4 fundamental values: passion, sharing, commitment and innovation which are all an integral part of the growth of our group since its creation and independence. CÉMOI has always preserved its founding values.

The CÉMOI group human ressources policy is all about strenghtening the group’s competitivity while preserving the jobs of those who work there.

The key to our success : make our team members the actors in our success:

At CÉMOI, every day there will be a chance for personal contribution and personal and team development.


Build on the knowledge and expertise of the group’s team members so that via their personal achievements they will be contributing to the success of the group


Encourage internal mobility and develop employability


Strengthen the group by recruting new profiles


Increase opportunities for collaboration between teams


Guarantee equality for all team members