For consumers

Chocolate in any form and for all tastes


This line is for holiday events such as Christmas and Easter or any time a celebration might be in order. Each box of chocolates is proof of our know-how : moulding, coating, extrusion, powdering, inclusions, sugar-coating … With our mastery of these different techniques we have a multitude of creation possibilities available for confectionary and chocolate assortments.


CÉMOI develops chocolate products for the European retail industry – hypermarkets, supermarkets & hard discounters – products that reflect best their brands.

CÉMOI and contract manufacturing

As a major industrial actor, CÉMOI can offer to the larger international brand names an attractive contract manufacturing package.

CÉMOI is the perfect solution for industrialists looking to externalise all or a part of their production of chocolate products such as bars (all recipes and sizes), powders, seasonal assortments, hollow filled and other chocolate confectionary.

Proactivity for our customers

The strength of this activity lies in our cocoa expertise and our mastery of the retail industry.

We have a whole department dedicated to the private label sector that carries out market analysis, identifies opportunities, develops innovation projects which means we can be proactive for our retail customers with whom CÉMOI has built a true and on-hand relationship of counsel.

Chocolate making know-how

Our expertise in the chocolate market and our know-how in our 15 production sites means that we are one of the leading European manufacturers for the private label sector.