Our ingredients policy:

Faced with growing demand for more healthy consumer products we have developed an ingredients policy based on the following priorities:

  • Supply products 100% GMO free
  • Reduce allergy risks in our production sites
  • Know the origin of our ingredients and ensure they are sustainable
  • Reduce to a minimum the technical treatment of our raw materials: none of our ingredients should be ionised

Our emulsifier policy:

By replacing soya lecithin with sunflower lecithin that is guaranteed GMO free. This ingredient is farmed and produced in Europe which also ensures a 100% secure approach.

Both lecithins have similar rheological and technical characteristics, ensuring no change in our product.

Our palm oil policy:

Our 100% RSPO certified palm oil meets environmental standards and guarantees traceability and respect of the biodiversity:

  • Certified palm oil not produced in primary forests or protected areas
  • Respect for local populations
  • Producers must use the best technology available to maintain the purity of the water and soil to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions
  • Decent revenus for the farmers while respecting their human rights