At CÉMOI we believe that passion is worth nothing if it is not shared. This exchange begins with our team members, our best ambassadors. For example, we organise Degustation Moments several times a year. This is the occasion for our creative teams to share the products that they have created, with their colleagues. These moments together make it possible for us to imagine the chocolate for the future..


We are convinced that each chocolate lover will find flavours and textures that will enrich his or her tasting experience, whatever their taste preference may be..

Although cocoa has an infinite palette of tastes, the major brands often limit themselves to the more simple or recognisable tastes. We, on the otherhand, feel that chocolates rich in cocoa should be on offer. Rich in cocoa means rich in flavour.

Chocolate should be a gustatory experience to be repeated regularly. We accompany the consumer as he/she discovers new worlds.


Le partage par CÉMOI

Chocolate is not like any other foods. It is strongly connected with pleasure and emotion. Biting into chocolate is often experienced as a moment of escape. For us, our products are created as a sensory journey.

Chocolate, just like fine pastries and wine, are important elements in France’s gourmet heritage. Its tasting is a part of our art of living. The rituals that accompany the moment when it is consumed accentuate the chocolate lovers’ pleasure.


Chocolate is very much present in our diet and yet few people think about its origins.

The beans’ aromatic qualities depend on the species of cocoa tree, the ground in which the tree grows and climatic conditions.

Its flavours depend on how the beans are fermented and roasted.

To guide you through the palette of flavours we have created our Pantarome which describes all of the aromatic notes associated with our cocoa beans.