It’s the men and women that make a company successful and a brand that lasts.


We have been involved with the planters for over 20 years, in 2015 we re-grouped all of our commitments across the network into our Transparence Cacao program. Our vision is to propose quality cocoa that generates added value and profit for all of the actors in the network. This programme is based on 4 quality priorities: traceability, aromatic quality, the planters’ standard of living and the environment.

This is attainable through valorising and increasing the professional nature of the planters’ work in such a way as to allow them to gain in skills.


We are very committed to preserving all of our team members’ know-how while encouraging an innovating approach as a means of guaranteeing our longevity.

When arriving in our Group, all new team members have access to training programs in the chocolate profession, whatever their job title may be. This allows them to develop a transversal and multidisciplinary vision of the company.

At the same time we also encourage each member to evolve within the Group as a means of valorising one’s work. Team members can evolve towards other skills either through internal promotion or training programs.


We are very much committed to reducing our environmental impact in our cocoa production centres and our chocolate factories, as well as valorising our waste.

Within the framework of Transparence Cacao we have implemented an approach for preserving forests and respecting the environment and the biodiversity of the cocoa-producing countries.

Our goal is also to reduce energy consumption in all of our production sites.

When our chocolate factory was built in Perpignan in 2008, it was done so in compliance with the High Quality Environmental standards. We also choose networks that promotes a circular economy.