le 01 October 2021 - News

Celebrated every 1st October, and created by the French Academy of Chocolate and Confectionery in 2010, World Cocoa and Chocolate Day aims to educate consumers about the origin and manufacturing conditions of chocolate.

The magic of cocoa goes back a long way to Aztec times when it was considered a sacred beverage, reserved for the elite, hence the scientific name Theobroma cacao (or Food of the Gods) given to it by the Swedish botanist Linnaeus. Since then cocoa has become chocolate and its magic has encompassed the world. Each bite of chocolate is the fruit of the work of an entire industry that rightly deserves to be recognized for its true value.

The purpose of this celebration is to reinforce the mutual recognition owed to each other by the main partners of the cocoa sector: the planters without whom there would be no chocolate and the chocolate makers who contribute to the sustainability of the sector. This day also challenges consumers to this cocoa dynamic which allows them today to benefit from the best that we can get from this food of the Gods, from cocoa trees to tablets.

CÉMOI, through total control of its supply chain, from the cocoa pod to the finished product in all its forms, sets itself apart from most other chocolate-makers. This mastery of supply combined with the know-how of our employees allow us to offer our customers and consumers exceptional products.

We wish you a very nice chocolate day!