le 23 June 2022 - Professions

Thnaks to their strong technical expertise, the Finance, Management Accounting and Treasury teams monitor performance and contribute to optimizing the company’s resources. They are made up of professions such as: Administrative & Financial Manager, Accountant, Management Controller, Customer Management Risk Officer, Treasurer… Some of our employees talk about their profession and their experience:

Olivier LUCAS

The position of Administrative and Financial Director has changed a lot in recent years. The scope of its action is increasingly broad and the limits of its missions are less and less defined and yet over the years its role has become increasingly important. 

At CÉMOI, we find all the traditional areas of finance, namely: accounting, taxation, consolidation, management control and of course financing and treasury.   

It is very important for me and all the employees of the the CÉMOI Group to identify with the brand and its commitments because I do not believe that it is possible to do otherwise to build a successful career plan. You need to believe in your company’s commitments and values in order to evolve and grow personally and professionally.